1) You can use Web-FTP:


you can log in with your ftp-user name and password.
But this is rather slow and little practical, at least you can do it from anywhere,
remembering www.DocWebs.com and going to this help-page!

2) A client FTP-program:

ftp programm WS_FTP is very good.
Though it is not the maximum of "security" during download or upload times.
To improve this the program logs out a fairly short time after finishing activity
and you have to log in again for your next activity.

But I like most the old version of WS_FTP95 from 1995.
It does NOT remind you every two minutes to buy the full version!
Hard to find.

Download it here: http://www.uottawa.ca/help/ws_ftpe.html

Or from our server: http://www.CCC.docwebs.com/downloads/WS_FTP32.EXE

On that page you also get some good help instructions.


In case you have an account from our DoctorsHobbies.com server:
Then create your connection with

Profile name: name your web as you like

Host Name/Adress: your domain name without "www."

User ID: your unser name

Password: Insert the password we have sent you by mail.

Save Pwd: I like to leave it checked, so I can access easier just by clicking OK.
But it is up to you to enter the password every time.

Maybe you have to use "passive transfers" activating this check-box:

You can leave Account and Comment free.

When you have entered it will be easy to transfer the files:
Your web is under "httpdocs"

from the left part of the window (your local PC)

to the right part of the window (our server)

and the same way back as you like with the arrows in the middle.

Have fun!