Dear Webmasters of,

Here you find some tips how to configure your e-mails with your domains you have on our server:

1) E-Mail Client-Software like Microsoft Outlook
or Microsoft Outlook Express

Configure your e-mail client as shown here:

Open Extras / accounts:

Add a new e-mail account as you have 

a) configured it in your account console
and give this account a name (mostly I give it even the e-mail adress)

go further and insert your e-mail adress
(example: )

now go on and choose POP3 as your server type,
enter your domain name (without "http://www.") for two times
as well for POP as for SMTP server

For this is "" (without "):

now go on and enter the user name of your mailbox
this is always what is BEFORE the "@"-sign in your e-mail name!
If you e-mail is the user name of the mailbox is "Wolfgang"
and insert the password below.

Store it to avoid repeated request for the password....

go on and enter your type of internet connection
(mostly LAN = Local Area Network):

go on and click "Finish":

Now you should mark your new E-mail account another time
(it should be marked gray already...):

...go to "properties" on the right hand side:

Now you can overwrite the name for the account or leave it as it is.

Click on the "Server"-TAB:

Click on the check-box for "Server requires authentification:

and confirm in "settings" to use the same settings as the POP server for incoming mail.

That was it!

Attention: If you have marked the check-box below under the "General"-TAB
your account will be checked every time you click receive and deliver mail.

Now "close"


2) As Web-Mail you can access to your e-mail account over an Internet-Browser
like Microsoft-Explorer:

Click on this URL (Internet-Adress):

instead "" you must take YOUR DOMAIN!

and before logging in I would save it as your favourite so you can
use Webmail easier.

Now LogIn with your:

this is always what is BEFORE the "@"-sign in your e-mail name!

and your
password: ************ (which you have got from the provider):

If you are travelling and do not have your computer (or a notebook) with you,
just take note of this URL and your LogIn information,
so you can access your account from ANY computer being online!


All other handling will be very easy for you.

Good success!


Wolfgang Ellenberger